Ben Krauss

Ben teaches classes all around NYC and elsewhere throughout the year. He is inspired by Yoga and Meditation's ability to create holistic wellness in anyone's life. These practices continue to open him to the world with love and compassion. He sees asana as a fun way to explore the body-mind and be in the present. The beautiful connections he’s formed through the Yoga community have been life-changing. He enjoys teaching many types of asana, such as Hatha, Science of Self, Ashtanga/Vinyasa, Yin, Forrest, Katonah, and Traditional Hot Yoga (26&2). He finds a significant benefit in weaving various forms and theories of Movement, while making a priority of supporting mobility, kinesthetics, and strong, safe alignment.    Ben completed a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training at Pranavah Yoga Studio, a 200 HR & 300 HR YTT with Science of Self Yoga and Lighthouse Yoga School, a 100 HR Yin YTT with Corina Benner at the Integral Yoga Institute, a 200 HR 26+2 Hot Yoga TT, along with a handful of workshops. He assists and teaches with Science of Self Teacher Trainings and Meridian Yoga Therapy Trainings. He is inspired and humbled to share this awesome, ancient union of breath and movement with others.

In addition, he received his Reiki Attunements with Reiki Masters Lisa Levine & Erika Spring at Maha Rose, and his Intuitive Thai Therapy Certifications (Thai Bodywork) with Sarah Seely (Thai Brooklyn). He currently studies Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at PCOM. He is incredibly grateful and honored to share these healing modalities.     Otherwise, you can find him making music, reading, cooking, or exploring nature and traveling.