Susan 'Lippy' Orem

Susan “Lip” Orem began practicing yoga when the thrill of bench aerobics was gone. Her first teachers were Sharon Gannon, Dana Flynn and Cyndi Lee. Her checkered past as a dancer in Las Vegas revues, Off Broadway actress, Ringling Brothers clown and sign language interpreter left her no choice but to teach yoga. She was too old to be a cowgirl or an astronaut. She was first certified by Cyndi Lee before there was an OM Yoga. She has been a student of Rodney Yee since 1996 and continues to be inspired by his teaching. She is honored to be part of the teaching staff of Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor. Here in NYC Lucienne Vidah, Rodney Yee and Genny Kapuler keep Lip’s feet steady on the path. The most influential teachers have been all the students willing to take this trip with her.  Since 2003 she had hosted yoga retreats at Heathen Hill Yoga in the northern Catskills.  Susan “Lip” is grateful every day that what she does is what she loves.