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Never done a Downward Dog? This class is for you! Asanas and Pranayama are two foundational elements of yoga. We will teach powerful benefits of proper alignment in yoga postures (asanas) and a basic practice of pranayama (yogic breathing) focusing on breath awareness. As you move through these consecutive 4-week sessions, you will gain greater mobility, a clearer more focused mind, and a more profound appreciation for the amazing body you live in.


This is a one-hour, open-level Vinyasa class to cultivate strength and flexibility through the combination of postures and breathing. The practice will be modified to suit the level of those participating; all are welcome! Be prepared to leave class feeling taller, stronger, refreshed, and relaxed. Classes may include yoga philosophy, pranayama, and meditation.


This is a slow, cooling practice that invites students to hold poses for longer while using yoga props. Yin Yoga stimulates connective tissues, energetic channels and creates space to observe and explore the breath and physical body. Suitable for all levels, especially for those that are seeking a meditative practice. Benefits of Yin Yoga include improving joint mobility, releasing the fascia, and calming and balancing the mind and body.


Yin-Asana combines the healing modalities of Yin Yoga's slow cooling practice with the active heated practice of Mindful vinyasa yoga. The class begins with students holding Yin Yoga poses anywhere from 1-5 mins followed by a heated mindful Vinyasa flow both of which stimulate deep Yin connective tissues as well as heated Yang muscular tissue. Suitable for all levels.


Vinyasa Flow with emphasis on alignment. Open to all levels and often integrating lively musical genres, these classes are dynamic and energetic, as well as meditative and restorative, helping students to discover a free and easy breath.


A wonderful one hour session of deeply nourishing restorative poses, aromatherapy, reiki, breath awareness, and guided meditation. Expect to use a lot of props to support your body. Ideal for those recovering from an illness or who are exhausted, anxious or stressed. This class is a renewing, restoring, and healing antidote to our overstimulated and overworked lives.

This prenatal yoga practice supports you on your transformational journey as a birthing person. In a non-judgmental setting, you will be guided to trust your own body, explore breath, and be led through a prenatal sequence and flow specialized in creating spaciousness and strength in your ever-changing body. This class is intended to both physically and mentally prepare you for childbirth. Modified for all stages of pregnancy. *Starting January 2022.
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